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3 Ways to Relax on the Biggest Day of Your Life

We know. You've been waiting for this day for your whole life. Now that it's here, it doesn't seem real. The nerves are high and your mind is racing. All the planning is done, and the only thing left to do is to walk down the aisle and meet your fiancé. But before you do, here are 3 ways that you can relax yourself before your big day.


Take a fresh sheet of paper or use your beloved notebook, and write whatever comes to mind. Write a letter to your fiancé, to your mother, or to your dog who might not be in attendance :) Write down your hopes, your dreams, or even what you had for breakfast. Write down all your nerves, then rip the sheet out and throw it away. Take this time to relax and reflect.

2. Yoga

Relaxing has a lot to do with mindfulness. When you practice yoga, you are focusing on the rhythms and movements of your body. Inhale, exhale. Yoga does not typically require any extraneous exertion- take the time to stretch your limbs, your mind and let go of all your nerves.

3. Take a walk

Sometimes, nature can be the most healing thing we need. The cool rush of wind, a deep breath of fresh air, the smell of fresh cut grass or florals. Take yourself out into nature for a brisk or a long walk. Practice taking deep breaths and take in your surroundings. As you walk, don't aim for a specific distance goal or time, just walk to enjoy nature and let your mind wander to the sight of the outdoors.

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